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Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA - Herbicide

Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA - Herbicide

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Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA: A Powerful Herbicide for Effective Weed Control

Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA is a selective herbicide that effectively controls a wide range of annual grasses and certain broad-leaf weeds, ensuring the healthy growth and yield of your crops. This potent herbicide is widely used in agriculture to protect crops like wheat, corn, soybeans potatoes, cabbage, peas, carrots, and asparagus. from invasive weeds that compete for nutrients and sunlight, hindering crop development.Pendimethalin is an herbicide of the dinitroaniline class used in pre-emergence and post-emergence applications to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds. It inhibits cell division and cell elongation. Microtubule assembly inhibition.

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Broad-Spectrum Weed Control: Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA effectively controls a wide range of annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds, minimizing weed interference and promoting crop health.

    • Pre-Emergence and Post-Emergence Applications: This versatile herbicide can be applied both pre-emergence, before weeds germinate, and post-emergence, after weeds have emerged, providing flexibility in weed management strategies.

    • Selective Herbicide: Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA selectively targets weeds without harming desired crops, ensuring the safety and productivity of your crops.

    • Effective Root and Shoot Growth Inhibition: The herbicide inhibits cell division and elongation in weeds, effectively controlling their growth and preventing them from competing with crops for essential resources.

Recommended Crops and Usage:

Dosage: 600 ml - 700 ml /  per Acre

Crop Weeds CIB dose/Ha Water volume/ha
soybean Echinochloa colonum, Dinebra arabica,  Digitaria sanguinalis, Brachiaria mutica,  Dactyloctinum, Portulaca oleracea, Amaranthus viridis, Euphorbia geniculata, Cleome viscosa, 1500-1750 ml 500
cotton  Digitaria sanguinalis, Echinochloa colonum, Dinebra arabica, Eragrostis minor, Lantana camara, Brachiaria mutica, Portulaca oleracea, Amaranthus spp, Commelina communis, Parthenium hysterophorus 1500-1750 ml 500
chilli Echinochloa colonum,  Dinebra arabiaca, Brachiaria mutica,  Portulaca oleracea, Amaranthus spp., Commelina communis, Parthenium hysterophorus, Chenopodium album, Digera arvensis,  Physalis minima 1500-1750 ml 500
onion Echinochloa spp, Dinebra arabica,  Digitaria sanguinalis,  Dactyloctinum aegyptium, Commelina spp, Portulaca oleracea, Amaranthus viridis, Digera arvensis, Trianthema portulucastrum 1500-1750 ml 500

Protect Your Crops and Maximize Yield with Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA

Safeguard your crops from the detrimental effects of weeds and ensure optimal yield with Katyayani Pendimethalin 38.7 % cs-PENDA. This powerful herbicide is an essential tool for farmers seeking to maintain healthy and productive crops.


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Dr Nilesh Verma

No Fuss

B. Purna Prasad
Straightforward Use

Value for money, har aspect mein impressive.

Harsh Mishra


Vachanaram / kesaji ghanchi

Sabse alag feel, market mein best choice.

dr. bharat
Standard Item

performance mein bhi top class.

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